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Game Analyzer for Golf is he most sophisticated golf analysis and statistics tools available in a retail package. Enter round details via our dynamic scorecard or enter details shot-by-shot with a few mouse clicks on the exact hole layouts you play. Generate comprehensive statistics for every detail you enter. Over 100 different statistics available.

Calculate your handicap (RCGA, USGA or customized) and print out the details. If calculation details change, you can modify parameters so your handicap is always accurate.

  • Setup and Management
  • Set up any number of golfers including complete demographic information and golf clubs used.
  • Customize country and regional details allowing the software to display data how you prefer (currency, phone, yards/meters, etc.)
  • Manage an unlimited number of courses.
  • Input hole-by-hole graphics for any course by loading your own graphics files, using any of the 25 sample holes or importing course details from another user's system.
  • Choose between three (3) different user levels so that you use only the functions you desire without being encumbered by unused functions.
  • Data Input
  • Enter statistics through our detailed scorecard input including fairways hit, putts per green, chips and sand shots.
  • Enter additional details through our graphical shot-by-shot entry to detail every aspect of every shot in your round including: club hit, distance hit, shot type, outcome and ball flight.
  • Speed up your input via our intelligence engine that defaults shot data so you only have to fine tune your results.
  • Statistics
  • Provides complete game analysis with over 100 different statistics.
  • Easily customize statistic parameters so you can select the data you wish to analyze.
  • Utilize statistical analysis through a combinations of charts, graphs and grids. Every statistic displayed can also be printed.
  • Comes with over 15 customizable reports.
  • Provides complete handicap calculations for RCGA, USGA-like and custom handicap methods. Display and print complete calculation details.
  • Management
  • Easy to use with the most user-friendly outlook/internet style interface of any golf analysis software product on the market.
  • Keep your data safe with complete database backup and recovery procedures.
  • Customize the database tables so you can define special clubs hit, different shot types and outcomes, states, provinces and countries.
  • Export and input course data to share with other users.

Buy the Game Analyzer for Golf
Our newest version 2.1 is now available for only \$79.95.

Minimum System Requirements
Hardware: PC with 256MB of Memory and 75MB of free hard drive space

Operating System: Windows 2003, XP SP1, 2000, NT SP6 are preferred. Will run under Windows 95/98 SE/ME with 512MB of Memory.

Processor: Pentium CPU @ 1GHZ or higher is recommended.